Ways On Getting The Coveted Lipkit Made By Kylie

There has been a lot of buzz when it comes to the Kyle Jenner lip kit. This is because of how popular the lip kit is. With the help from the social media, these lip kits have become sensational and a lot of people simply want to get them for themselves. With just minutes from releasing the product it had sold out in stores. Even now, many people are still looking to have one and many have sold the kits on eBay and offering them in very high prices. If you want a free lipkit by kylie there are also ways that you can get them. Although it can be a bit challenging because most free lip kits will be offered as prizes for trivias and games.

Why does everyone want the Kylie lip kit?

Popularity may be one of the reasons why many like these lip kits. However, in another light, the lip kits also have a charm of their own. Basically, they are matte so anyone who is used to using matte lipsticks know very well that they can be dry on the lips. The good thing about the Kylie lip kit is that it has more moisturizing factors as compared to regular matte lipsticks. This means that you can feel better wearing it everyday at work. You can also try wearing the lip kit and going through a normal day while eating and drinking just to see how long it lasts.

Another thing that you can appreciate with the lipkit is that it has a nice smell. Many people who own it may compare it to cakes and other things that are sweet. Dolce K on the other hand smells just like chocolate and some say that it smells like a cocktail mix drink. A lot of people may have different tastes on the lipsticks that they buy, but what you need to make sure of is that you feel comfortable wearing it and it suits your taste.

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